Topsleepy luxurious all size bedding goose

The Topsleepy luxurious all size bedding goose filling comforter is a high quality goose down comforter made with 100 percent cotton satin fabric. The fabric makes sure that it is allergy free and natural to ensure skin permeability to give the skin a natural and protective film, without causing any dust allergy.

The cotton made comforter is available in two different sizes: King and queen. The 300 TC cotton cover with hypo allergenic fabric is good enough to provide warmth all the year round, depending on your weather.

The Topsleepy luxurious all size bedding goose filling comforters are easy to move, clean and store as it comes with a guarantee of 15 years so you are good to go for a long time once you get one of these comforters.

Now I will talk about my experience of using the Topsleepy luxurious all size bedding goose comforter with you to give you the user insight about the luxurious comforter.

Nice Quality

The quality of the comforter is very nice. The cover is made with 300 TC cotton. The comforter feels nice, soft and fluffy to touch. The comforter does not feel like it has any pieces mixed in the down, when handled thoroughly. There are many inexpensive comforters out there which come with feathers mixed with the down, but the Topsleepy luxurious all size bedding goose comforter appears to be full of nothing but soft down.

Another nice thing about the comforter is that there are baffles throughout the comforter to keep the down from shifting around. I personally cannot handle the shifting of comforter when I lie down, especially not while I am trying to sleep in the middle of the night. The stitching is nicely done as well. All the edge stitching is very tight, even and secure. I found zero loose or pulled threads when I got it out of the package the first time.

More importantly, the comforter comes with an inner baffle design so the stitch point does not go all the way through the comforter. This type of design avoids creating cold spots around while being used.

Nicely Packaged

The Topsleepy luxurious all size bedding goose comforter comes in a nicely don package. The package is vacuum sealed to keep the package small for transportation. Once you open the package, you should let the comforter leave the air out to regain its original shape. You can alternatively put it in the dryer on air fluff along with some tennis or wool balls for a short spin and quick fluffing session.

No Odor

The Topsleepy luxurious all size bedding goose comforter has zero odor to it right out of the package. I have used many other comforters which has terrible and cheap fabric odor to them. Finding that these comforter was without such issues was a pleasant surprise. You ca also check the alternative down comforter here.

Year Round Usage

The Topsleepy luxurious all size bedding goose comforter can be used the year round and I personally really like this fact. I don’t like going through the hassle of storing away my comforter and then get out a new one as the seasons pass. I would rather stay cozy and comfortable with one comforter year round. Thankfully, I can get away with using this comforter even during the winter seasons, as it doesn’t get terribly cold. But I have to say that in super cold areas, this comforter can’t be used as an only option. Adding another comforter might become necessary in such cases.

Washing and Drying Is Easy

The suggested method is to wash the Topsleepy luxurious all size bedding goose comforter is to spot clean it with lukewarm water and then dry it naturally but away from direct sun exposure. This saves on the money as going to the dry cleaners once every month is a remarkable expense which adds up real quick in the budget. This way I get to do it at my home in my leisure time.

But machine wash is also possible if you are feeling lazy. Putting it on the gentle cycle on the washing machine is good enough to give the comforter a thorough cleaning once a month. Afterwards a dryer can be used to dry the comforter in the regular temperature. Later it becomes very fluffy and good as new.

But if you want to dry clean it the professional way, you should consult with your local dry cleaner store first, as per the manufacturer suggestion.

Fluffy Comforter

The comforter is soft to touch and overall fluffy. The 50 percent down and the rest of the cotton are nice to touch and feel good against the skin. Over time, it has become my favorite thing to cuddle with, all year round.

Now I will talk about some pros and cons of the Topsleepy luxurious all size bedding goose comforter.


  • Year round comforter.
  • Allergy free.
  • Easy to wash and dry.
  • Nice and soft.
  • Stitching is secure.
  • Does not shift around.


  • Using this without a duvet cover will make it dirty in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the tog value of the comforter?

A: 13.5 tog.

Q: What is inside the cover?

A: Goose down.

Q: What is the weight?

A: 3.4 kg.

Q: What is the fill power?

A: 500+ fill power.

Final Verdict

Well, I like the Topsleepy luxurious all size bedding goose comforter a lot and feel like this will serve me for years to come. Also, I really like how soft and nice it feels to my skin. I like being hassle free of the shifting motion as well as it used to drive me nuts with my older comforters. I will recommend the comforter to anyone looking for a nice and comfortable comforter which does not shift around while being used; is easy to wash and dry and is nice and comfy to cuddle with. I hope my review will come in handy when you make the decision to purchase one for yourself.