LUXURIOUS 1200 GOOSE DOWN Comforter Review

The Luxurious 1200 thread count goose down comforter is a down comforter filled with 100 percent goose down so it is a super lightweight and comfy comforter which can be used all year round. The comforter is perfect for all through the years, especially if you live in a place where the temperature doesn’t fluctuate much.

Available in twin, queen, king and California king sizes, this down comforter can be your life saver if you are allergic to dust as it is made with hypo allergenic material. The comforter comes in a brand new factory sealed packaging so there is no way of getting cheated when you order one.

Now I will talk about the best goose down comforter 2020 in terms of my own experience of using it firsthand.

Soft and Comfortable

The Luxurious 1200 thread count goose down comforter is a soft and comfy one for obvious reasons. There are 100 percent goose down filled inside so it literally feels like a warm cloud, I am not even joking. The filling is with 750+ filling power and the fill weight is 50 Oz. I love how good it feels to get under the comforter even on the winter as it makes my feet feel warm and toasty in no time. 100 percent goose down also means no feathers were used and thus you don’t end up getting poked by the feathers while you sleep.

I also really like the fact that I got the 100 percent down filling at the fraction of its price. Such a good quality comforter with 100 percent goose down is far more expensive at physical stores.

Allergy Protection

Luxurious 1200 thread count goose down comforter is made with hypo allergenic material which helps in creating a protective shield against the outside atmosphere so that dust and mildews can’t grow in the surface of the comforter. This is great news for people with dust allergy reactions as colder months can be really harsh for them with constant sneezing and other symptoms of dust allergy. I don’t have any sorts of allergies so I am not the right advocate to say this, but I feel like this Luxurious 1200 thread count goose down comforter is much more hygienic than my previous comforters. It just feels much fresher each time I get it out of the drying tub.

No Shifting

The goose down is filled inside in the grid style so the Luxurious 1200 thread count goose down comforter doesn’t shift around while I sleep which I believe is a huge plus for me because I happen to be a restless sleeper. My previous comforters with no such grid style used to drive me nuts by shifting everywhere and I remember waking up in the middle of the night because all the down was shifted to another corner.  I feel like this is a godsend for a restless sleeper like I.

Quality Comforter

As mentioned earlier, the Luxurious 1200 thread count goose down comforter is definitely made of good quality material, and it is apparent as soon as you get it out of the nicely done packaging. The outer shell is made with 100 percent Egyptian cotton cover so it is soft and nice to touch and not rough to the skin. The inner is 1200 TC which is the indicator of good quality material. I love how luxurious it feels against my skin. It also looks aesthetically pleasing with a duvet cover sitting atop my bed cover.

 Easy to Wash

The Luxurious 1200 thread count goose down comforter is easy to wash and cuts down on the expense of going to the dry cleaners if you are willing to do machine wash by yourself at home. But since this is a comforter, it is best to buy a duvet cover for it. That way, the comforter will not get dirty anytime soon and you will not have to wash it every single month. I think not washing it too much also keeps the comforter nice and fluffy for longer.

If you do wash it, I will tell you my method. I wash my comforter in the washing machine in cold water with a low suds detergent powder. You can later dry on the medium heat to get the fluff of the comforter back.

No odor

There are many cheap fabric made comforters out in the market which smells super artificial. The Luxurious 1200 thread count goose down comforter does not have any such issues as there were no odors at all from the comforter, right when I got it out of the packaging for the first time. I found this to be a huge plus as I tend to get bothered with odors real quick.

Now for some pros and cons of using this year round The Luxurious 1200 thread count goose down comforter.


  • 100 percent goose down with 750+ filling.
  • Hypo allergenic material to prevent dust allergies.
  • Grid style pattern does not let the comforter shift around.
  • Can be washed on machine at home.
  • There is no artificial odor attached with the comforter.


  • There are no ties in the corner of the comforter to tie in a duvet cover thus only a certain style will work.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Where is this comforter made in?

A: Made in China.

Q: Does the comforter come with a duvet cover?

A: No, it doesn’t.

Q: What is the construction of the comforter?

A: Channel.

Final Verdict

In the end, I will end this The Luxurious 1200 thread count goose down comforter review on a positive note as I have really liked the overall experience of owning this comforter. Compared to my previous comforters, this feels superior in terms of quality. The warmth it provides is right for me and I can use it all year round, which is an added benefit for me. I will recommend this 100 percent goose down comforter as it is pretty much the best in the market at this price range.