Hypoallergenic plush siliconized fiberfill duvet

This hypoallergenic plush siliconized fiberfill duvet comforter is the answer to all your getting warmer worries, be it in the summer or winter. The comforter is an excellent option for anyone looking for a cruelty and allergy free comforter.

Available in three sizes – Twin, King and Queen and different GSM fillers of 250 and 350, this white comforter looks and feels like a warm cloud against the skin. This has now become my year round comforter to cuddle with anytime I feel like.

Now I will talk about the hypoallergenic plush siliconized fiberfill duvet comforter in detail so you get a better glimpse of what it is like to use firsthand.

True to Size

The measurements mentioned online are true to their sizes in real life. I know this because I purchased the King one and it fits perfectly to my King sized bed. My King size duvet insert measures 102 inches by 90 inches. I am saying this from experience that many online distributors mess up in this area with wrong sizing where generally you need to go one size up to perfectly fit your need. That was thankfully not the case for the hypoallergenic plush siliconized fiberfill duvet comforter and I am pleased with the overall look of it as it sits on my bed. I think it gives my overall aesthetics a positive boost of a clean and brighter look with its’ bright white color.

Stays in Place

The filler inside is soft and fluffy and keeps you warm at night. Thankfully, despite being all these, it does not shift around as I go back and forth during my sleep. The comforter is stitched in a classic quilted design so the fill stays in place even if you, like I, can’t while you sleep.

Comfortable Feel

The hypoallergenic plush siliconized fiberfill duvet comforter, as mentioned before, truly looks and feels like a piece of fluffy cloud and I am not exaggerating one bit. The brushed fabric of the comforter is made to provide superior comfort against your skin. The comforter comes in either 250 GSM or 350 GSM as per your order, and the result is a fluffy and comfortable duvet comforter.

The siliconized fiber fill on the other hand, keeps you warm and cozy as you sleep. The soft and warm is what I crave the most, especially during the colder months and this duvet comforter has been perfect for me to have a good night of rest.

Washing is Easy

The best way to keep a duvet comforter as good as new is to keep it away from the water for as long as possible. The best way to do so is to buy a cover. That way, it will need to get washed only a few times a year, as only the cover will get direct exposure to your body and other factors. However, if you do need to wash the duvet comforter, you can do so at your home.

Machine wash with cold water on the gentle cycle is good enough to make this hypoallergenic plush siliconized fiberfill duvet comforter good as new. Later to dry this, you can place it out in the open to sun dry. If you want to fasten the drying process or do not own a space to do so, you can tumble dry the duvet comforter on low temperature. This way, you will see that your duvet comforter has come out of the dryer looking as good as new.

Alternatively, you can send it to the dry cleaners if you need professional care or are too lazy to do it on your own.

Allergy Free

Don’t know about you but I have terrible allergies. I can barely keep my eyes open in dusty areas as I constantly sneeze whenever I get in contact with dust. Interestingly, I have observed a massive improvement ever since I got this comforter as the hypoallergenic plush siliconized fiberfill duvet comforter is allergy free. The hypoallergenic material keeps the dust mites away to make home at your comforter and I have never been more grateful and happier. I feel like this is the best feature of this comforter as I am sufferer. My winter days and nights have turned a lot less miserable ever since I got this duvet comforter.

With the details out in the open, here are some of the pros and cons of the hypoallergenic plush siliconized fiberfill duvet comforter at a glance.


  • Sizing is perfect. No need to sweat on the matter of whether it is going to fit the bed or not.
  • Both machine wash and dry cleaning are acceptable methods to clean the comforter.
  • Hypoallergenic material keeps dust mites away.
  • Siliconized fiberfill keeps the comforter warm and cozy.
  • Quilted design keeps the fill from shifting around.
  • Tie – ins at the ends to attach the cover.


  • Washing might make it lumpy in places.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What material is the outside made of?

A: It feels like cotton but I am not 100 percent sure of it.

Q: The inside fill is made of what?

A: Polyester.

Q: Are there corner straps to hold?

A: Yes, there are two tabs on the bottom to tie in a cover.

Q: What is the country of origin?

A: This comforter is made in China.

Final Verdict

The hypoallergenic plush siliconized fiberfill duvet comforter is a good one for the price it comes at. I like the overall feel of the comforter. It is nice and soft and feels warm and comfortable. The duvet comforter is good enough to use all the year round, depending on your weather of course.

The hypoallergenic material is good to keep my terrible allergies at bay and if you are a sufferer like I, you know how important that is to pass a good winter without having to sneeze. I like the comforter a lot and hopefully it will keep serving me for years to come. I will recommend this comforter to anyone looking for a new one.