How to Choose a down Comforter

Choosing a down comforter, whether this is your first or your third or fourth, might seem intimidating because of the diverse classifications in down comforters. Here is a handy guide to give you the basic idea about how to choose a down comforter to help you narrow down your choices.

Exterior Fabric

Down comforters generally come in natural fibers such as cotton, silk, pima cotton, Egyptian cotton etc. But down comforters can be paired with synthetic materials as well. Microfiber material resists spillage and stains better than natural ones so if you’re on the clumsier side, opt for this option. Ultimately you should opt for the one that feels the best against your skin.

Comforter Warmth Level

Down comforters come in multiple options such as extra warm, medium warm and all season. You should get extra warm for winter. Medium warm ones are good during fall and spring seasons but with needed help in terms of an added blanket during colder nights. Light down comforters including the all season ones are good to sleep in all year long.

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If your chosen comforter doesn’t have such warmth ratings, look for the fill power instead. The warmer comforters in general have thicker fill levels with a higher loft. A high fill power rating means more warmth. A comforter with a 650 fill power rating is going to be warmer than the one with a 500 fill power rating.

Comforter Thread Count Guide

Thread count is the number of thread woven into each square inch. The finer the thread the higher the threads count of the comforter, alternatively making the fabric lighter and smoother. The thread count of a comforter shows the texture and quality of the comforter. The quality comforters in general have a thread count of at least 260. Luxury comforters on the other hand have higher thread counts that result in weaves which are stronger and tighter to prevent down filling from flying everywhere.

Down Comforter Color

Down comforters are available in a range of colors. There is a variety of quilting styles involved as well, the most popular one being the baffle box style. This style is done in a way that the stitching runs horizontally and vertically through the comforter and this creates a quilt like effect.
Most down comforters are white in color to match the color of the filling of the down inside. You can keep it this way if you want to. Or you can get a cover in whichever color or pattern you like to add versatility and more personality to your bedroom décor.

Taking Care of down Comforter

There is range of care instructions which comes with down comforters. If you want one no fuss, it is better to opt for machine wash. If you like to get your laundry done by the professionals, you can prefer to get a dry clean only down comforter. Keep in mind that you don’t have to wash your down comforter frequently. If you want to make the washing intervals longer, you should buy a cover. Down comforters with covers obviously get less dirty compared to the ones with no covers. Washing of down comforters too frequently is not suggested by manufacturers either as it harms the condition of the comforter.

Appropriate Size

Before buying, consider the size of your bedding and the size of the comforter you will need to accompany that bedding. If your bed size is queen, you may consider getting a queen sized comforter for yourself. But you can choose to treat yourself with a king sized comforter as well, if you feel like it. Going with a larger comforter comes with the added benefits of a little extra length and width to wrap you in during the colder months.

Stitching Style

Some comforters are made with a baffle box designed stitch to hold the down fillings firmly in place so that they don’t shift around if you move in your sleep. The best down comforter is sewn with baffle style quilting pattern to provide depth to the down comforter and keep the goose down in one place. Cold spots occur when goose down settles. Baffle box styled stitching helps the filling stay evenly distributed to eliminate such cold spots.

Down Comforter Ideal Weight

This will vary based on where you live. Some places don’t get much cold even during the winter so buying an extra warm down comforter in such a place will be idiotic. Your ideal weight will depend on the warmth level. Summer comforters are thinner and thus lighter compared to the extra warm ones. Choose one that feels the most comfortable to you, as there is no clear cut answer here.

Appropriate Filling

Lightweight down comforters come with a mixture of filling inside. The mixture is made of feather and duck down in general. This is why they are both cost effective as well as good at providing the warmth. Your down filling should be based on completely your preferences. For instant, if you are allergic to dust mites and mildew, you should get a hypoallergenic comforter. These types of comforters have a special sort of down resistant shell fabric which keeps the feathers firmly in place inside the down comforter and reduces your overall potential of getting a runny nose with constant sneezing.


A down comforter will become a part of your routine for years to come. I hope this article will help you find a comfortable one.