Down Comforter Warmth Guide

Down comforters comes in various ratings that tell you how much they are, and where and when are should be and can be used.

Medium warm

This rating is best for fall and spring seasons. Comforters with this rating are perfect for use in seasons and temperatures that are not too cold or too warm.

Extra warm

This rating is ideal for cold winters. These have more insulation power and can keep your warm through harsh, chilly temperatures.


This comforter rating is the most versatile and commonly used. It can be used all year round and in all seasons.

What Is down Fill Power?

You have been hearing a a lot of “fill power” being mentioned. Here’s what it is: Fill power is used to measure the fullness and insulation or warmth of a comforter. It is the space that one ounce of down holds. So, if you get a comforter with high fill power, it means it has more warming and insulating power due to larger percentage of down clusters. Takes a look at the perfect fill power for you:

500-600 fill power

This is a relatively low fill power. Now, low fill power does not at all mean that it is low quality in any way; it is just less insulating. A fill power of 500-600 is perfect for people who live in a warmer climate of area of the world.

600-700 fill power

This fill power is best for people living in colder areas and may even prove to be too warm for people who live in 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

700 and over

These fill power is the most coveted and preferred for very cold and chilly areas. It is also very expensive as the supply is limited. The downs used in this fill power are sourced from molting geese which are kept for breeding purposes. These downs are fluffier and softer as well.

Fun fact

Down comforters are popular pretty much everywhere around the world. The US, UK, France are just a few to name. But a lot has to be said and thanked onto the makers so much beautiful and versatile products. Thank you, Hungary!Hungary is deemed one of the best makers of down comforters in the entire world. How come?

Well this owes to Hungary’s harsh and intense winters which have caused their geese to adapt to the weather by producing much fluffier and warmer down! And top of this, these down also tend to be much lightweight compared their international counterparts. However, the best aspect of Hungarian down comforters is that they take care of their birds, are ethical and responsible towards them and does not practice cruelty in the process.

So, Hungarian down comforters is the way to go if you are looking for the most premium quality down comforters without the guilt!Down comforters are one of the best additions to your bedding and your sleeping regime as well. But, knowing enough and choosing responsibly can make all the difference in the world.And with this, it’s a wrap to our little arrangement today. I hope you enjoyed reading along and as well learned a few things you didn’t know about down comforters. Stay warm!